Nicolas Batum

Blazers’ Corner: Defense Still a Concern, Batum Unhappy About Triple-Double, Williams Mistaken for Children’s Author

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This week's Blazers' Corner looks at Portland's struggles on defense, Nicolas Batum's strange triple-double and Mo Williams' strange encounter with a Hollywood director.

Blazers Crushed 104-93 in Season Opener Against Suns

Nicolas Batum

After an incredibly exciting offseason, or so we thought, for the Portland Trail Blazers a 104-93 opening night loss to the Phoenix Suns has fans and analysts alike scratching their respective heads.

Cavaliers Show Interest in Trading for LaMarcus Aldridge

LaMarcus Aldridge

In an effort to woo Lebron James back to Cleveland, the Cavaliers have made inquiries into Blazer forward LaMarcus Aldridge. But do the Cavs have enough to offer in return for the All-Star forward?

Portland’s Late Season Struggles Almost Ensure Draft Pick. But is That a Good Thing?


The latest Blazers' Corner talks about why having the number 12 pick in the draft might not be a good thing. Plus, Greg Oden returns to the Rose Garden.

Blazers Player of the Week: Damian Lillard


This week's Blazers' Corner highlights the great play of LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard, Nicolas Batum's injury and the unwritten rules of the NBA.

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