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Ninkasi Brewing Company

Oakshire's Brewers Reserve 6 was the highlight for many attendants of KLCC's 2013 Microbrew Festival. Photo courtesy of Oakshire Brewing.

Oakshire’s Barley Wine Highlights KLCC Microbrew Festival

Oakshire Brewing, a brewery that was founded and still produces their products in Eugene, became one of the highlights of KLCC’s 2013 Microbrew Festival as they sampled Brewers Reserve 6, a special edition barley wine that attracted crowds of people.

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Oakshire stole the show on Friday night at KLCC's 2013 Microbrew Festival.

Oakshire Prepares to Move to the Whit

This year, the Oakshire Brewing Company is expanding their facilities to 225 Madison St. in the Whiteaker neighborhood. Approximately a $1.5 million project, the expansion is predicted to increase the brewery’s output from 6,500 barrels a year to 11,000 barrels.

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The Whiteaker neighborhood to host its 6th annual block party this Saturday

This Saturday, the Whiteaker neighborhood will continue to build community ties by hosting the 6th annual Whiteaker Block Party. The event will showcase vendors, art and fashion native to one of Eugene’s quirkiest neighborhoods. The block party origi…

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Ninkasi and Cascadia Wildlands Team up to Benefit the Environment with “Pints Gone Wild”

The first Monday of every month, through May 2012, Ninkasi has pledged to donate half of all the proceeds from beer sold at their tasting room to benefit Cascadia Wildlands. “Pints Gone Wild” began earlier this summer, as a cooperative effort to raise funds to further the causes supported by Cascadia Wildlands.

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