Night on the Town – Friday

Members of the Dropkick Murphys

High School football playoffs are officially in full swing and those of us into football (that's everyone yes?) we are ready to celebrate the kickoff with a great night out.  That's after watching the squad from Sheldon take on David Douglas.

Night on the Town – Saturday

eager beavers - the band

Saturday Night on the Town: Ducks vs USC at the Cooler, then we'll spend a little time with the Eager Beavers.

Night on the Town – Thursday


Sitting here wishing we had remembered to pre-mix that bloody mary we mentioned you should do last night, but all in all it was worth it.  One more Halloween in the books. Level UP, Orion, Undermind and Small Joys....oh yeah.

Saturday Night on the Town


The Ducks must have a direct line to the Weather Goddess to order up a day like this for the Civil War. Fans will be gathered in every sports bar in town to watch the action and the beer will flow like the McKenzie after all the recent rain. After last week's upset, we all need to show our Ducks a little extra love, just like the Weather Goddess. When it's all over, get out and share the glory or the grief, which ever way it goes. There's music out there to soothe the soul, so no excuses people.

Saturday Night on the Town


Football fans will be gathering all over town to watch the Ducks kick some USC butt tonight. Afterwards I'll be all revved and up and there's got to be someplace to blow it off. Oh yes, the music scene is ready to help with some select tidbits to help burn off the euphoria of a hometown win.

Saturday Night on the Town


Saturday night and where's the party? I'm looking for a more subdued atmosphere myself tonight, but don't worry if you want something with more punch. There's plenty of variety for everyone to sample. In fact, there's a smorgasbord served up in town tonight so let's get going.

Saturday Night On the Town


Saturday night and where's the party? It's a rainy, dark night and so is my mood. I want music to take my mind off the mental clutter of the work week. Rough and loud will do the job nicely. There are some hidden gems to be found around town, so let's get started.

Friday Night On the Town


It may have taken all week to get over the somewhat extended party last weekend, but once again it's time to get out and find the magic. November has more darkness to enjoy and less sunlight to interrupt the hangover recovery time, so no excuses. There are a number of musical treats to sample tonight with a little something for everyone and maybe a chance to taste something new.

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