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When It Rains, It Pours: The News Week in Review

Nature has a morbid sense of humor. As Americans have been gridlocked, grumpy, and childish with each other over the last year over politics and the upcoming election, Nature was just bidding its time, waiting until the very last moment to unleash a torrent of destruction all over the East Coast.

On My Honor, I Will Do My Best: The News Week in Review

As both a human being and an Eagle Scout, I was profoundly disturbed to read the reports about the child abuse that went unreported or actively hidden throughout the history of the Boy Scouts of America.

Political Kisses and Sewer Misses: The News Week in Review

Sometimes all a kid needs is someone to look up to as a role model. But in a world of lawsuits, spilt sewage, child molesters, and drunk athletes, it’s understandable why kids these days might feel like something’s amiss.

Sexy Buses and Failed Faith Healings: The News Week in Review

Sometimes you have a bad day. Maybe your bike tire went flat or you check your bank account and find out you got an overdraft charge. But humans have ways of coping — like reminding themselves, “Hey, it could be worse.”

Bees, Bombs, and Bodies: The News Week in Review

You learn something new everyday. That is part of being human. From the Libya embassy attack to the bee-killing American Foulbrood disease, the News Week in Review has all sorts of new things for you.

Watery Graves and Transit Knaves: The News Week in Review

Bill Clinton, LTD’s EMX expansion, and 44 dead cows are just a few of the headlines examined in this week’s News Week in Review.

Dinosaur Spiders and Blood Puppies: The News Week In Review

From fake bombs to puppies donating blood to newly discovered spiders called “trogloraptors,” it’s been a long week.

Hey Girl, It’s the News Week in Review

In this week’s News Week in Review, there are Hey Girl memes for Paul Ryan, Ryan Gosling, and raw milk — plus the usual murders, robberies, and genetically modified plants.

Smoking with Babies, Landing on Mars: The News Week in Review

In this week’s News Week in Review, you will find space-probes tweeting, pregnant women smoking, and politicians hitting up strip clubs.

Planes Watching Birds: The News Week in Review

After a week of using military technology to take cellphone pictures of seagulls, methane gas explosions, and a dental association using an outdated rap song to look cool, it makes sense why the Council would worry.

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