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Are We Going to See a New Type of Oregon Football?

Summer’s perennial promise has again faded into guilt. I am not so old that summer has lost all its romance, yet every summer I grow more eager for the gift of fall: Oregon football. And as each season starts, we…

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Ducks Bring Gridiron Lessons to the Hardwood

Throughout the nation the past few years, the Oregon Ducks have become synonymous with speed, ingenuity, and most of all offense.  On its way to the National Championship Game, the bling-flashing, party-crashing, 100-yard-dashing Duck football team put up record numbers in points per…

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Anatomy of a Drive: The Method to Scott Frost’s Play-calling

When Chip Kelly left Eugene for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013, he left two major voids in the Oregon football program. Kelly had not just been the face of the Ducks, he was also the play-caller for the renowned high-octane spread offense….

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Oregon Football Recruiting Analysis: It’s Still About the Offense

The Oregon football program is not regarded as a defensive juggernaut.  An elite defense wasn’t the catalyst behind the evolution of the Oregon brand.  In this new era of Oregon football, where fans expect championship runs, the offense seems almost to have become an after-thought.  Improving the defense has become the focal point of radio pundits and TV personalities.  Let’s …

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An Open Letter to Nick Saban

Dear Coach Saban, Thanks to you and your friends, the NCAA, recently announced they would be considering a rules change to prevent offensive units from snapping the ball during the first 10 seconds of the 40-second play clock, thus allowing defensive units to make substitutions during that time and ostensibly promote the safety of the players.  It comes up for …

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Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti says everyone on LSU's roster is dangerous. (Photo Credit:John Giustina).

The Big Week Has Arrived…Here’s My Prediction

After months of hype, Oregon will finally face LSU in Dallas on Sunday. This really is a big game, and it’s not so much because who wins. Both teams are ranked highly enough that a loss in this one, won’t necessarily be out of the running. Rather, it’s a chance to see just how good Oregon and LSU really are in the early point of the season.

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