A Chat with Robert W. Thurston About “Coffee: From Bean to Barista”


Historian and author Robert W. Thurston’s latest book, “Coffee: From Bean to Barista,” published by Maryland-based Rowman & Littlefield, is an engaging guide to the history, cultivation, and culture of...

Ohio City Renames Itself: Oregon, Ohio Buckeyes on the Bay, City of Duck Hunters


A petition by two citizens late last week led to the opportunity to have the city’s name changed. Of course it had to go through local government and was one of the fastest passed statues in history most likely.

Urbania, Ohio and What the National Media is Saying About Oregon


You may have heard the city of Oregon, Ohio. Yes, there is a city named Oregon in Ohio. One resident wants to change the city name on January 12 and be known by something different than Oregon. One suggestion under discussion...

Ducks Football: Teams We’d Like To See Scheduled


The Oregon Ducks have a weak non-conference schedule in 2012, but will beef up the schedule starting in 2013 with the Tennessee Volunteers. What other programs should the Ducks play in future seasons?

Fighting Alzheimer’s with Music: The Love Music Revival


The Love Music Revival has traveled up and down the Colorado River, from Las Vegas, Nevada to Yuma, Arizona.

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