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College Football Nation: FSU Accident and Happy Valley Makeover

As the off season progresses we will have to do two things.  One, keep an eye on FSU, because it seems every week they are making headlines for all the wrong and right reasons.  Two, Northwestern and their unionization is not going away as quietly as the NCAA would hope for.  While all that is going on, we still have some positive things going on this off season.

1) When you are the champs, every move you make will be in the headlines.  It seems FSU is all over the news these past few weeks.  First they had the positive news about their new locker room.  Now, they are making headlines for a player getting into a motorcycle accident – for the second time. You think he would have learned.  Here is a clip from the first time:


Then the Jameis Winston rape case is not going away either.  It seems now the Feds are going to get involved and look into things … that’s what happens during the off season – people have time to focus on everything else outside of football.

Last, but not least, it seems the Seminoles are going to release a new logo and it was leaked through Wal-Mart!  After the logo was released, the fans have spoken, and it is not good.  Let’s just say fans are not speaking highly of the new logo.  It kind of looks like an old Elvis with war paint!  If I was FSU, I would take all the publicity I could get right now.  It will work wonders on the recruiting trail.

2) When Penn State hired James Franklin away from Vanderbilt, people were skeptical.  I was all on board with his hiring and it now seems to be paying off.  Great article about the passion and fire Franklin is bringing back to Happy Valley.  He was able to turn Vanderbilt into a winning program … and is working his magic once again at Penn State.

He is recruiting all over the place and making Penn State the “it” destination again despite all the sanctions being for two more years.  I think Texas will even look back and wish that he was their go-to guy!  A lot of schools looking to make a hiring splash will look back and wish they got Franklin.  I am not saying Franklin will lead Penn State to a 12-0 season right off the bat, but he will bring them back to the glory days soon enough.  If you can win at Vanderbilt, then you can win anywhere.  Enjoy some Penn State highlights while we move along during this off season:

3) So now the College Football Committee has come up with a “recusal” policy.  Basically, they want no members of the committee involved when discussing a school they have ties to.  If you ask me, it’s probably just a conspiracy for the SEC to handle all the negotiations for the playoffs and make the playoffs SEC dominated.  Just kidding, but that is how the college football world probably would look at it.

I do think it is good for a rule such as this to be made, just like the “selection committee” for the March Madness tournament has.  You don’t need some committee member in there trying to persuade the others to vote for their school out of personal interest and get them in the playoffs.  Just let the most deserving teams be in.

On a side note about the playoffs, I heard they are thinking the PAC-12 could get two teams in this year.  Most likely referring to Oregon and Stanford.  If that talks is true, then Larry Scott would be very happy – along with Oregon fans — this year.  My “predictions” for the first four playoff teams this year: FSU, Oregon, Alabama, and Oklahoma.  All teams are more than capable of running the table this year in their conference.  So excited to see it all happen this year.

4) We are getting to that point in the off season now where most of the headlines will be about the unionization at Northwestern.  This process is going to change the whole landscape of college football.  I just hope the NCAA can come to an agreement to put this matter to bed, and let us continue to enjoy the greatest sport on earth!

5) We have some upcoming spring games to look forward to — including Oregon’s Tribute to the Troops on Saturday, May 3, at 11 a.m.


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College Football Nation: “Saban Rule” Trashed and Clemson Changes How We View College Football

It’s a good thing we have March Madness to look forward to very soon, because this is the dull time for college football between signing day and spring ball that we dread. There is still a lot of news with the “Saban Rule” being entertained or trashed on a daily basis; we have new helmet cams to change the way we view the game; and even some thoughts on changing the signing day process.  If you follow what is going on “off the field” of college football, then you will see there are still plenty of things to occupy your free time.  Let’s get into the news and thoughts from this past week of college football.

1)  Nick Saban’s name is officially the name of good and evil in college football. (Editor’s note: Well, sort of like ‘Satan’ is officially the name of good and evil in the overall world, anyway.)  He has become supreme when it comes to how college football will be governed and ruled.  Well, that is just a thought thanks to Steve Spurrier making this No “No huddle” rule being named after Saban.

The NCAA committee has finally come to its senses and has put this rule on the back burner.  Thank goodness.  Speed is the name of the game, and I am glad the NCAA will just let it be for now.  This does not mean Saban does not want the rule to be looked at and voted on at another time.  I really think it was Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema and his remarks about a Cal player dying is what made the NCAA just look away for now.  As long as coaches such as Bielema and Saban say the rule is for “safety,” then it will always be up for discussion until some one makes some changes.

2)  I remember Maryland back in the day used a “helmet cam” to let coaches see what the player sees as he is going through his reads during practice.  It was a good idea, but I never heard much more about the “helmet cam” . . . until now.

Clemson is taking the helmet cam to a whole new level.  Check out the video posted right here about how the new helmet cam will look and function for anyone who uses it.  After watching that video, all I can say is . . . WOW.  Imagine if this gets passed and before you know it, all of the top players on the field have this hooked up to their helmet.  Just think how cool it would if they are able to have this going during a game and then show what was going on in Marcus Mariota’s helmet cam as he does a fake hand off and races down the field 60 yards for a touchdown.  I hope they keep pursuing this so we one day can have this actually going on during the games and get an even bigger on-field experience.

I think it would be amazing to be able to see what it looked like through the helmet cam of Mariota and Thomas as this play unfolded.  I am on board for getting all the helmets hooked up with this so we, the fans, can start really seeing the on-field action unfold.

3)  There has been talk about having an “early” signing day before the actual National Signing Day, the first Wednesday in February.  I am interested to see how this goes over with everyone.  This could take the drama out of the coaches fighting over that 5-star recruit to commit.

How many times on signing day do we expect player “A” to sign with school “B” but then changes his mind last minute and goes with school “C”?  It happens all the time and most coaches are able to go into a kid’s home and change his mind from committing to the school he has already chosen.  So in effect, the rule could help coaches keep committed players on a short leash.

On the down side you will have players committed to a program and then the coach is fired or leaves for another job.  The NCAA could do an earlier signing day but make a few rules with it that will help the kids out when unexpected thing happen at the current school they are committed to.  Whatever happens, let’s hope we don’t miss out on fun signing day drama like this:

If you are looking for some fast-paced action, then tune in this week when most of the basketball conference tournaments happen.  It is always fun watching schools out of nowhere try to lock up a bid to the Big Dance.  This year in college basketball, no one team has been dominant . . . should make for a fun time filling out a bracket.

Those are my random thoughts for the week outside the field of play in college football.  As for football, we’ve got spring ball to look forward to.  Starting next week we will also spend some time looking at the beginning of next season and the match ups that will be kick off the season.  Is it August yet?


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Was Oregon’s BCS Snub Strictly Business?


There was an interesting article that was published recently by Jason Kersey who is an Oklahoma Sports Reporter on whether the Sugar Bowl’s selection of the # 11 Sooners over the #10 Ducks was a business decision. I am here to say that yes, I believe it was. The BCS is a business after all.

Oregon could not stop Stanford's potent running attack and quarterback Kevin Hogan as he scores a touchdown  | Photo by Gary Breedlove
Oregon could not stop Stanford’s potent running attack and quarterback Kevin Hogan as he scores a touchdown | Photo by Gary Breedlove

The tenth ranked Ducks would have been the more tasty matchup for the Sugar Bowl, pitting them against Alabama and the opportunity to make a statement to the country of who was the better team between the two.

“I think when you take a look at the way Oklahoma performed, and their last games particularly on the road and this particular game this weekend against No. 6 Oklahoma State, it’s hard not to be impressed with the way they’ve been performing of late.

“I think it was a very difficult decision needless to say. There were other highly capable and attractive teams out there in the pool that we looked at, and when it came down to it, we just felt convinced that this was going to be the best decision for us at this particular time.”

Sugar Bowl CEO Paul Hoolahan on the possibility their choice was a ‘business decision’

Business decision or not the Ducks will face Texas in the Alamo Bowl, but the bigger question comes next season when the ‘big’ bowl games become playoff games in College football. The race begins at the beginning of the season to be ranked in the Top 4 to have the chance at a first in the game. A true playoff scenerio, or is it? What happens when the #5 team, who faced the #3 team and beat them in Week 2 gets stuck and #5 and left out because the then #3 team ran the table and ended the season ranked in the Top 4? It could happen.

What if that team left out is a team we all care about? College football is about to open pandora’s box and I’m not sure they are prepared for what comes out of it. Sure, it will be great to see a true playoff, but at what cost? Adding more to the mix is the commitee that will have the ultimate say in who these top four teams will be. If five teams from power conferences run the table how the hell do you decide who get left out? Will they draw straws or flip a coin?

These are the questions that enter my mind as we say goodbye to the BCS. It was a flawed system from the beginning, but I think it was effective in the end, even if the computers seemed somewhat screwy at times. In looking back we may discover it was better than what’s coming.