OLCC: Marijuana Director Fired for Lying


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – The Oregon Liquor Control Commission says it fired the official hired to lead Oregon’s preparations to regulate recreational marijuana because he shared an internal document with a lawyer representing marijuana growers, and then lied about it. Agency spokesman Tom Towslee says Tom Burns denied sending it during a meeting Thursday with … Continue reading »

Hundreds Give Input at OLCC Meeting


EUGENE, Ore. — Hundreds came out Tuesday night for a marijuana listening session with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) in Eugene. The OLCC is meeting statewide with communities to get input on implementation of recreational marijuana when Measure 91 goes into effect this summer. The community certainly had strong opinions about how that law … Continue reading »

2015 Outlook: Measure 91


One of the more interesting and yet unknowable questions in the year ahead is what the impact of Measure 91 will be for Oregon. The basics of the vote itself and the direct implications for Oregonians have been well covered. However, the broader and bigger impact on the state’s economy and public resources are not […]

Work Begins on Rules for Legal Pot


SALEM, Ore. — The work to bring regulated, legal, recreational marijuana to Oregon begins next week. Lawmakers will consider a request for a half-million dollars to start making rules for legal pot. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission says it needs the money for four initial positions: program manager, two policy analysts, and a public affairs … Continue reading »

February 9 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: cold but sunny, OLCC wants to close The ROK, Cafe' Zenon to close, Wattiers return to Eugene, move to change the State Flag, Duck golf finishes 11th, Utah defeats Duck women.

Sexy Buses and Failed Faith Healings: The News Week in Review


Sometimes you have a bad day. Maybe your bike tire went flat or you check your bank account and find out you got an overdraft charge. But humans have ways of coping — like reminding themselves, "Hey, it could be worse."

OLCC Considers Liquor Sales in Grocery Stores


After years of only being able to purchase hard alcohol at liquor stores and beer and wine at grocery outlets, the two may become mutually available. The OLCC has recently passed a test program that would allow a select amount of grocery stores to sell hard alcohol.

Mucho Gusto loses liquor license for 9 days


Mucho Gusto will not serve margaritas alongside their Mucho Dippos for the next week. The popular Mexican restaurant at Oakway Center ran afoul of liquor laws when an employee failed an OLCC undercover sting.

A Little Finger Pointing: The Beer Loves Eugene Event


A few days ago the "Beer Loves Eugene" event was cancelled. It was announced on the BLE Facebook event page that it had been cancelled due to "OLCC regulations." OLCC has a different story...

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