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How Mark Helfrich Sealed His Own Fate at Oregon in Sunday Presser


Despite many columnists already proclaiming Mark Helfrich was ‘as good as gone’; despite Phil Knight long ago eschewing post game press conferences and removing himself from within 2000 miles of Saturdays ‘Civil War;’ in his Tuesday evening announcement, Oregon AD...

Regarding Helfrich: How Much SAY Should a Fan Have?


A week ago it was reported that former Oregon athletic director  Pat Kilkenny offered his support for Mark Helfrich and yet added that the fans will have their vote, their say in the future of Oregon football coaching. It got me to...

Middle Linebacker Technique: Jimmie Swain Is Making Plays!


This fall, we have often used examples of the poor technique by the Oregon defense to help learn more football. However, the Utah game showed us glimpses of how Jimmie Swain is emerging as a solid player for the future...

MADDER THAN HELL!!: “Oregon Lacks Defensive Talent?”


There is a massive misunderstanding by many Oregon fans concerning the demise of the Ducks’ defense, and the origins of that decline. While Oregon has well-documented misses in defensive recruiting, there are many who believe that the Ducks are largely...

Linebacker Analysis: “Scrape to Contain” is a Fundamental


I continue to maintain that, as fans, the more we know about the game of football, the more we will enjoy the game - win or lose. This season has proven that principal to me, as I am learning why the Oregon...

MAD AS HELL: Terrible Defensive Techniques Taught at Oregon


I am mad as hell. I have had three Coaching Consultants on the FishDuck.com Analysis team tell me that, “If my players in high school used defensive technique like that – I would be embarrassed.” I can hardly believe my eyes,...

Linebacker Technique Analysis: Taking on the Blocks


Much that has been written about the Oregon defense and why it is one of the worst in college football has been centered around recruiting and the lack of talent on the defensive side of the ball. “We are being...

Oregon Football 2016: Chip’s Guys Quit


Mike Merrell’s Three-and-Out Amid the controversy of why and how to fix it, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Oregon football 2016 sucks. “Why” is no doubt complicated. If we want to be simplistic, we can just blame...

Coach’s Comments: “My Pick for Oregon’s Next Defensive Coordinator”


Ordinarily I wouldn’t do this: write about a specific new defensive coordinator when there are still several important games left in the season – games in which the Ducks could significantly improve, or the new DC’s team could get blasted. But...

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