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Oregon Ranked 4th in Preseason @Amway US Coaches Poll, Beavers Pick up ‘Sympathy’ Vote

Marcus Mariota | (David Zalubowski/AP Photo)

The Preseason Amway Coaches Poll was released on Thursday and the Oregon Ducks start the season ranked in the top five.

Jake Pisarcik: The “High School Football ‘Rocky’”

You may recognize this six-foot-four 278-pound redshirt freshman’s surname if you’re an avid Eagles and/or Giants fan. NFL quarterback Joe Pisarcik’s – most infamously known for “The Miracle at the Meadowland” (if you’re on the Eagles’ side) — youngest son is this relatively unknown recruit. Jake Pisarcik wasn’t a guy on a lot of college radars. Sure, he attended camps and sent in …

Oregon’s High-Speed Offense Shows No Sign of Slowing Down

The Oregon Ducks’ dynamic high-speed and high-tempo offense has been truly amazing to watch during the last several years. With a brilliant mix of veteran talent and developing young stars looking to make names for themselves in the 2014 season, the Ducks show no sign of slowing down. Fortunately, the 2014 version of the Oregon offense will include several crucial veteran returnees from …

Oregon Ducks Down a Kicker, Sophomore Hayden Crook Reportedly Leaving Team

The Oregon Ducks have had a handful of players depart from the beginning of Spring Camp, typically through the end of summer, be it for personal reasons or for another opportunity because they are buried on the depth chart and don’t feel they will se… Continue reading

Who Will Be Oregon’s Biggest Rival Entering 2014?


Who will be Oregon’s Biggest Rival in 2014? Will They Come from the Pac-12 Conference?

San Francisco @49ers Lose Two RBs to Injury in Training Camp, Including LaMichael James


The San Francisco 49ers have a big problem at the running back position. The team has lost two key players, including former Oregon Ducks Running Back LaMichael James over the weekend for an extended period.

Scott’s Turf: Unacceptable Behavior

Last fall, during a game at Autzen Stadium, I witnessed a moment I am most embarrassed about; the booing of a college player. Has there ever been a more maligned player in Oregon history than Alejandro Maldonado? Criticism of players is fair game in my opinion; it is what we do. But as George Wrightster told me last week, it’s …

An ACC-urate Takedown of Atlantic Coast Schools

What if we ignored geography and tradition today and aligned the conferences solely based on football? That was a question posed by two sports researchers at Ohio State University, whose explanation was the subject of a Wall Street Journal article last week. The public response was typical: this could never happen, it ignores all rivalries, it’s unfair by loading all the …

LaMichael James Dislocates Elbow in @49ers Training Camp, Out for a Month

On Saturday it was announced that San Francisco 49ers Running Back Kendall Hunter was lost for the season following a drill in Training Camp on Friday. I wrote then that that may open the door for former Oregon Ducks Running Back LaMichael James to co… Continue reading

@BovadaSports Breaks Down 2014 NFL and College Football Betting Odds, Oregon Among Favorites

Mark Helfrich

The Bovada Online Sports Book recently released their odds for the upcoming season for college and the NFL and Oregon and Philadelphia are primed for solid season.s

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