Oregon State Beavers

Why You Hate the Oregon Ducks


This article is for the fans of every other Pac-12 team. These are the fans that hate the Oregon Ducks, even though the reason is different for each and every one. The dislike could be caused by Oregon’s sparkling facilities...

Upon Further Review: Did Nebraska Tell Us Anything New?


I’m still flummoxed that the Cornhuskers ever hired Mike Riley. He seems likeable enough but, even as the winningest coach in Oregon State’s storied football history, one struggles to call him a “successful coach” by any meaningful measure. When the...

A Season in a Single Game


Last weekend many teams across the country saw their entire season come down to a single game. USC-UCLA played for their division, Oklahoma-Oklahoma State played for a conference title, and Notre Dame-Stanford played for a shot at the Playoff. All...

Oregon State’s Attitude: “Nothing to Lose”


On a chilly but sunny afternoon in Eugene, the Oregon State Beavers came calling and gave the Oregon Ducks a game like no one was expecting. The Beavers, who went into Autzen Stadium 34 point underdogs while looking for their first...

How Ducks Will Continue Their Civil War Dominance


It’s Thanksgiving week. It’s also Civil War week. It’s the 119th Civil War. It’s also probably going to be one of the most lopsided Civil War games in a long time. This isn’t a knock on the Beavers. They have...

College Football Nation: Locker Room Pranks, Lane Kiffin and Leonard Fournette


For those of us that have played organized team sports, we all know there is always that one teammate (no matter the sport) who has the absolute worst smelling locker or gear bag. If you couldn’t pinpoint the smelly kid on the...

Are We Entitled? Is That a Bad Thing?


“Entitled.” Some people use it a weapon when discussing fan behavior. Sort of a “drop-the-mic and declare victory” moment. Critical of the defense? “Oh, you’re entitled.” Critical of the coaching? “You should lose your entitlement attitude.” Disappointed over a season...

Ducks Expect to Dominate Bye in This Week’s Action


Welcome to the most relieved website on Earth. Just when it appeared the Ducks’ domination of the Huskies might come to an end, Washington turned to its hurry-up offense and scored in just under a Millenia. This week, Oregon takes a...

Dear Ducks: If Ever, Let It Be This Week


“We compete against ourselves.” “We play them one game at a time.” “Our opponents are faceless.” These are all axioms you have heard from football coaches from Pee Wee ball to the NFL. They are ways of saying no one&... Continue reading →

Ducks Play Colorado for Redemption, Porky’s, and the Head of a Chicken


Good morning, Duck fans. It is good to see you. I trust you have all had a pleasant and prosperous week. I’m a grown man, with a wife, kids, friends and much to anticipate. On a related note, a record...

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