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New Parking System at OSU

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Parking permits are now for sale at Oregon State University, but the setup this year is a little different. The campus is turning to a zonal parking system. Monday staff and faculty can buy their new permits, only if they’ve had a permit for the past three years. Each zone has a … Continue reading »

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City to Remove Credit Parking Meters

EUGENE, Ore. — You may want to carry extra change on you next time you visit downtown Eugene. The city is pulling the plug on credit card parking meters. Last summer, the city of Eugene had the opportunity to field test the credit card meters before buying them. It installed about 75 if them in … Continue reading »

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A Springfield 76 Station found out just how much the public cares about saving money when they dropped the price of regular gas to 3.19 a gallon yesterday. On an average fill-up that is a savings of $5.52; enough for a lb of hamburger...

December 1 – Morning Headlines

Tim Chuey: colder, Springfield purse snatcher, Pac-12 chips in, Kitzhaber under fire, 2011 school grants, $3.19 a gallon gas, UO Lariviere meeting at Mac Court, Council to monitor private parking, 99 Express service cut, bike only traffic signal…

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Enforcement to increase - this is after all a revenue source.

August 5 – Morning Headlines

Tim Chuey: beautiful, Oakridge Mayor in, Sizemore guilty, angry bizs, new parking enforcement, Post memorial, coin thief, JC rollover, Cougar in Cottage Grove, new ODOT markers, Blackberry bRamble, Ems win.

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