“Cheap Champagne and Midnight Kisses”


Cheap Champagne and Midnight Kisses...what do you have planned for New Years?

So Long Celebration, Hello Festival Of Eugene?


There’s a new fun, funky and free festival in town and it’s called the Festival of Eugene! This kid and family-friendly event is all about celebrating the cultural diversity and the varied talents of Eugene.

The Campbell Club rocks on after run-ins with police


If you know anything about the Campbell Club, it probably has to do with either its hippies or its parties — and if you know anything about its parties, it’s that they tend to get broken up. In recent years, the co-op has had two notable run-ins with the police — one in 2008 and […]

March 18 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: beautiful today - rain tomorrow, Apartment fire near campus, Vandals open Spfd hydrants, Party complaint at UO, Used Car Dealers make the list, Man hit crossing Hwy 99, Daffodil festival, Ducks lose to Trojans, Ducks 12 seed for tourney

September 20 – Morning Headlines

Day of Caring - kval image

Tim Chuey: Today will be a really nice day and much the same for Friday, Lowell post office thieves, Big Hoodoo, County property auction, Off-Campus party crackdown, a UO golf course?, Day of Caring, Ducks - Byron Marshall, Springfield over Marshfield, UO Volleyball still undefeated

Saturday Night On The Town


It kicked off last night, this 4 day party at the end of October. Whether it's a series of galas with friends, a full field blitz of the shows haunting the club scene, or a more dignified blend of party and culture, Tuesday promises to break the record for the most number of people calling in sick on a single day.

The Whiteaker Block Party


Punks in leather, colorful tie-dye attire mixed with some classy steam punk topped with a way over the top party scene, this years Whiteaker block Party was the best yet.

Girl’s Day Out!


GIRLS DAY OUT – Julia Crowley As described on their Facebook fan page, “Sam’s Party shuttle is the Premier Destination Fun Bus”. It’s true, and I know first-hand because I joined in on one of these premier destination parties: Girl’s Day Out. The excursion on the ultimate party shuttle for Girl’s Day Out was a

Thursday: Night on the Town


Thursday "Night On The Town". Quick Picks: Dave Lomond, Long Tall & Ugly, Hot Panda...

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