Parvin Butte

February 19 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: entering a rainy period, Trucker life flight, fire damages historic home, sex abuse lawsuit, Parvin Butte dispute continues, school vaccination deadline, Gas Price average $3.64, Illegal Immigrant tuition bill advances, Frontier starts Eugene to Denver service, Cheserek joins Ducks track, OU finishes sweep of Hawaii, Barner moves closer to NCAA cover.

September 7 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: sunny and hot, Police release arson images, Oakridge arsonist arrested, Parvin Butte heading for court, 5 car Beltline pileup, Franklin Blvd crash, Casino developers vs The National Grange, Bethel bond campaign, chance to speak up on parking rate hikes, Harrisburg beats P Hill, OSAA doubles up Hayward events...

June 15 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: summery weather, Bowman remains critical, Parvin Butte battle, McKenzie water request, bubonic plague, Bethel school contracts, Casey Martin shoots 4 over, PAC-12 broadcasting schedule released

April 12 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: a little rain must fall, Occupy death, 4j trimesters, house fire, Grondona returns home, Forest road closures, Teacher contracts, Parvin Butte, Roy Maeda honored, Kent rebuffed, Branch commits, UO softball splits series

March 7 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey:nice today, high speed chase, bbgame fight, boat theft, Dulfu gets 30 counts, where's Garcia?, 1581 now law, LCC expansion, Parvin Butte fines, Matt Robinson enters race, UO womens golf 2nd place finish..

February 15 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: foggy, Lane County may close Justice Courts, Creswell to defend skydiving complaint, Senate approves Kitzhaber health plan, armed robbery at Jack's box, Parvin Butte penalties dismissed, Allyson Archibald trial begins, 4 day school week, LTD to increase rates, the 'choking game'.

January 4 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: cloudy - increasing chance of rain, tent permits, brother shoots brother, Patty's at 4 corners, multi-space meters, Parvin Butte, sister turns in sister, Mike Nelson retires, NCU gets VandenHazel...

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