Phil Knight

The $10 Million Man: Our Knight in Shining Armor


As all good Ducks fans know, you can’t spell philanthropy without P-H-I-L. I don’t know Phil Knight, and aside from bumping into him, literally, in a Portland crowd after a Spring Game many years ago, I’m pretty sure I’ve never...

A Tribute to Uncle Phil


In high school, I only dreamed of attending college, as I simply didn’t do well enough to apply anywhere. After spending one year in junior college, I started my journey at my dream school, the University of Oregon. I will...

Oregon’s Personable Approach Leads to Success on the Field


In the grand scheme of things, the recruiting season for college football is similar to speed dating. Colleges send their coaches across the country in pursuit of the best high school players. Within the limits of what is legal and... Continue reading →

How the Ducks Attract Recruits Nationwide


The University of Oregon is, for the most part, tucked away in the northwest corner of the country and has historically had some trouble luring top recruits from across the nation to come and play for the Ducks. But, thanks...

Oregon to Tie The Knott Because of Nike?


Oregon Ducks recruit Nigel Knott, a CB from Mississippi, was named the MVP of the New Orleans Nike Opening Regional. For those of you who don’t know, The Opening is a combine-like event that is hosted by Nike for high...

Ducks Have Enough Uniform Options to Last a Millennium


One of the coolest parts about the Oregon Ducks is by far the uniform combinations they get to sport every game. As fans we wait to see what uniform our men are gonna wear on the field next is a...

Ducks’ Chance for Directors Cup Goes Swimmingly


Mike Merrell’s Three and Out Sport for sport, the University of Oregon is one of the most successful athletic schools in the country. Cross country and track & field national championships — or at worst, high top ten finishes —...

What Do You Think About These Natty Uniforms?


So, it was announced a few weeks ago that Oregon chose to go with the all green uniforms for the Rose Bowl, since the three other teams in the College Football Playoff all shared red as a common color. Most people...

ESPN: ‘Oregon Football Has Officially Arrived’


From Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota winning the Heisman Trophy to playing in the College Football Playoff for a chance at a national championship, Oregon football has officially gained status among the college football elite. According to ESPN’s Ivan Maisel, the years of...

Oregon is Not Just a Football School


Yes, Oregon is known as a football school: the longest string of double-digit winning seasons in I-A, a logo everybody recognizes, incredible facilities …and in our corner as a major donor we even have Nike CEO Phil Knight, more commonly...

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