Philadelphia Eagles

Fixing the Philadelphia Eagles


With the early season struggles of the Philadelphia Eagles, suddenly everyone is breaking their legs jumping off of the Chip Kelly bandwagon — proclaiming that they saw it coming. Everyone has their magic fix for the offense: “If LeSean McC... Continue reading →

NFL’s Defense of Terrell Suggs a Problem for the Game


In week 2 of the NFL preseason, Sam Bradford made his first start for the Philadelphia Eagles after recovering from a second ACL tear that sidelined him for most of last season. He was impressive, completing 3-of-5 passes and leading the Eagles...

Ascending Eagles — Bradford and Tebow


With the NFL preseason around the corner, all of the intrigue that has been building throughout the offseason will finally be seen on the field. One of the most interesting stories coming out of Eagles camp this year has been surrounding..... Continue reading →

Sam Bradford the Next Drew Brees? Chip Kelly Thinks So


The NFL off-season was filled with talk about Chip Kelly and Marcus Mariota, the match made in heaven that was so good it couldn’t possibly happen — and it didn’t. Now they’ve moved on to talking about Kelly and Sam Bradford....

The Butterfly Effect: The Spread Offense’s Effect on the Philadelphia Eagles’ Inside Linebackers


What if the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil began a chain reaction that set off a tornado in Texas? This notion raised by MIT meteorologist Edward Lorenz has  implications for causation in physics, economics and yes, football. The.... Continue reading →

Chip Kelly keeps private life private, including fact he was married


Chip Kelly has gone to great lengths to keep his private life, well, private. He doesn’t open up about the personal to co-workers, so the fact he’s made his family and friends off limits is no surprise. But the veil of secrecy was pulled ba... Continue reading →

Reticent Eagles coach Chip Kelly has apparently been married before, for seven years.


Reticent Eagles coach Chip Kelly has apparently been married before, for seven years. Kent Babb of the Washington Post tracked down Kelly’s ex-wife, though she didn’t divulge much. [Washington Post]Read more... Continue reading →

The Dawn of the Second Coming: The Oklahomafication of Chip Kelly’s Offense


Judging by the numbers, the Philadelphia Eagles had one of the best NFL offenses last season. They ranked third in scoring, fifth in total yards, sixth in passing yards, and ninth in rushing yards. However, PhillyVoice writer Jimmy Kempski persuasively... Continue reading →

“The Dutchman” and the Original Vertical Passing Game


In Oregon’s history, there have been many players and coaches of note — from coach Cal Young and his one-game inaugural season in 1984 to Chip Kelly and Marcus Mariota. Although most people say Mariota is the greatest Oregon player of...

Why the Eagles Fumbled on the Chance to Take Marcus Mariota


Within the last year, and especially within the last three months, there has been a lot of speculation about where Marcus Mariota would end up in the NFL draft. Multiple scenarios swirled around as the draft began to get closer...

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