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Oregon fans getting pumped before kickoff. | Eugene Johnson/EDN

Ducks win Pac-12 Championship game 51-13

This was absolutely the best game and road trip I’ve ever participated in. A group of six of us traveled south on Thursday to cover the championship game.

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Photo: Dave Peaks

Sports Workshop – A’s Baseball Game

Being to a major league park shooting a game was super neat. Just watching the activity in the park was cool. One thing I need to work on is taking photos of things other than the action. I have to admit that I was pretty focused on action shots.

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Oregon's Byron Marshall runs the ball. | Photo by Eugene Johnson / for the Eugene Daily News

Photos: Ducks beat the Cowboys 48-14

Cowboys leave Autzen with saddle sores.

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Photo-Dave Peaks

PHOTOS: Ducks vs Michigan State Football

Shooting photos at the Oregon-Michigan State football game was a highlight moment. This game was so hyped and had so much riding on it; it was exciting being on the field shooting the action.

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Being unfamiliar with Lacrosse, the faceoff looked like a combat stance with somebody sure to come away bloody.

Photos: Oregon Ducks vs. Fresno State – Lacrosse

Oregon played a strong game against Fresno. Oregon scored on their first four trips on offense.

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Rowe showing her shooting form. Photo - Dave Peaks

PHOTOS: Oregon Ducks vs. Arizona State Basketball

It’s hard to believe this is the second to last game of the season. Being new to basketball photography, I have found it to be fun and exciting. A person gets to know the players and what to expect from them during the game.

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Photo - Dave Peaks

Photo Feature: Yellowstone Park in Winter

This is my first trip into Yellowstone and some of the conditions made it difficult to get stunning photos. I will certainly be going back another year and I now have some experience under my belt.

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Coach Altman was having a chat with Johnathan Loyd | Photo - Dave Peaks

Photos: Oregon Ducks Men’s Basketball vs. Cal Bears

This was my first basketball game in Matt Knight arena. I was a big fan during their tenure while at the Pit. It was good to get back to seeing the Oregon men’s team.

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Drea Toler contesting a shot Photo - Dave Peaks

Oregon Ducks Women vs. Cal State Northridge Basketball

Looking forward to watching Oregon open the Pac 12 season down at Stanford and Cal. Hopefully, the girls continue to play hard, fast, mostly controlled basketball. The team will turn a few heads this year and finish in the upper bracket.

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The Pit Crew for this game gave their approval

Photos: Oregon Ducks vs. Portland State Basketball

If the Ducks play the remainder of their games with this fire and intensity, they will come away with some W’s.

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