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CFP Championship Game – Oregon / Ohio State

It was my honor to be at the inaugural CFP Championship Game in AT&T stadium.This football season fulfills one of my bucket list line items. I wish Arik and Marcus all the success in the NFL. I hope their dreams come true.

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David Peaks – Civil War 2014

I find shooting the games this year to be memorable as this may be the last year we see Marcus Mariota playing for the Ducks. You may see a number of Mariota photos in my post because we are huge Mariota fans.

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Hello Duck

I Shot the Ducks!

Camera in hand I walked onto the field where in just a couple hours the Oregon Ducks would play against the Beavers in the 118th Civil War Game!

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Boys Water Polo – Sheldon-Willamette

This was my second water polo match to shoot.  I had just finished the Sheldon girls match and stayed to take photos of the boys match.  The boys play a bit faster and shoot the ball harder. Both goalies were kept pretty busy the entire match.

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Sheldon Girls Water Polo vs. Cottage Grove

This was my first attempt to photograph a water polo game. I found the game interesting to watch and to photograph. Like any other sport, it helps to understand the basics of the sport.

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Sports Workshop – Field Hockey

On June 19, I traveled to Santa Clara, California for a Sports Photography Workshop. I was fortunate enough to have signed in right away as the workshop filled up quickly. The workshop was limited to 16 photographers. The event was hosted by Canon U.S.A. and led by Sports Illustrated photographer Peter Read Miller. Three sporting events were to be covered in the workshop – an International swim meet, an Oakland A’s/Boston Red Sox game, and a high school field hockey game.

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Oregon-Oregon St. Volleyball

Attending the Civil War volleyball made for an exciting evening. Oregon was undefeated and the Beavers had a record of 10 and 1. The setting for this game was different than most volleyball matches I have attended. For starters, the entire Oregon Marching Band was present in the West end of Matt Knight Arena.

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Photos: Oregon-Michigan State Volleyball

The volleyball season has started and there are some new faces on the team. Once Oregon got the first game out of the way, not playing the way they should have, the team returned to form and was never really threatened during the following three games.

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Oregon-Wyoming Football

The atmosphere was certainly different this game than the Michigan State game. The tailgating crowd had not arrived in force yet and parking was not the problem was for the MSU game.

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PHOTOS: Ducks vs Michigan State Football

Shooting photos at the Oregon-Michigan State football game was a highlight moment. This game was so hyped and had so much riding on it; it was exciting being on the field shooting the action.

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