Fresh Strawberry Pie


Sun warmed strawberries right out of the garden are the best thing you can put in your mouth all summer, but when there is no garden large enough you sometimes have to turn to the produce aisle. These strawberries tend to need a little help, […]

Red Wine Blueberry Pie


I find most berry pies a little too sweet, they lack robust flavor, only hitting on one note and end up tasting like eating a scoop of jam in a pastry shell. This pie on the other hand has all the robustness of a bottle […]

Swedish Apple Pie


The group of friends I made on Bounty will always be with me even if we are miles apart, we bonded over a shared love of the ship. Every few years a group of us gets together for some event, recently it’s been weddings, but […]

Slab Ricotta Crostata with Jam


52 weeks of baking – Italy When feeding a crowd making regular sized pies or anything individual takes time, I prefer to make large trays of things to save time. This is where slab pies come in handy, a larger, thinner pie made in a […]

Pineapple Meringue Pie


52 weeks of baking – Fresh Fruit Inspiration for this recipe came from the fact that I had a pineapple that needed using and I seem to have endless amounts of egg whites on hand from making ice cream. I tried looking for a pineapple […]

Blackberry Jam Festival: Making Charity Fun for the Family


Organized entirely by volunteers, the Blackberry Jam is run by a committee of fourteen core members and then receives assistance from many more volunteers during the actual three days of the event. As the festival takes place at a city park, it operates under the auspices of the City of Lowell.

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