Basic Pizza Crust


Some foods are easy to make for small groups, but when you scale them up to 75 portions it becomes tedious. Students can be persistent and repetitive, they would always ask for grilled cheese, pizza and hamburgers, over and over. I’m not a big fan […]

Chuck E. Cheese Closes in Springfield


SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — You’ll have to head to Salem if you want to take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. The arcade at the Gateway Mall in Springfield shut its doors this weekend. The signs were taken down from outside the mall Monday afternoon, and employees were removing the equipment from the arcade. Our calls … Continue reading »

Pizza Chain Sbarro Files for Bankruptcy


(CNN) — Pizza chain Sbarro has filed for bankruptcy. It comes less than three weeks after it was forced to close more than 40 percent of its U.S. locations. The company says the bankruptcy filling was part of a reorganization plan with creditors that hold 98 percent of their debt. They expect the bankruptcy to … Continue reading »

Thursday – Night on the Town


Thursday Night on the Town - Homebody: 16 Tons ++, Cabin Fever: Mike Watt, Let it Rain: Three Days of Rain, Locals Only: Avitia.

Agate Alley’s Awesomeness


I usually try to limit my use of the word “awesome”, but when I think of Agate Alley Bistro, the word simply and continuously comes to mind. Agate Alley Bistro is really awesome.

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