pledge of allegiance

“It’s A Grand Old Flag.”


We just celebrated our Independence Day and a big part of the celebration involves the American flag. I am involved in a project that gives flags to youngsters in schools. I'll explain that and some things you may not have known about our flag.

Kevin Prociw Is Ready to Make It A Race.


Kevin Prociw today officially made the mayoral election into a race. Citing what he calls a "deficit in leadership" in the mayor's office, Prociw says that he not only felt compelled to run, but believes that Eugene is primed for a change.

June 7 – Morning Headlines


Tim C: Possible showers, City Council pledge, Awbrey Lane RR crossing, LTD budget, Lighthouse lawsuit, aids assaulted, EWEB mulls censure, car sharing bill passes, horse virus easing, casting call, school pigs, UofO food fight...

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