Pork and Mango Empanadas


Every country has some type of filled food, dumpling, tamale, calzone, pasty or hand pie. No matter what you call them, what they are filled with or how they are shaped this is one of my favorite ways to explore food around the world. I […]

Roast Pork with Peanut Chimichurri


I’ve tried for awhile to come up with some kind of cute story or something real to say about this pork dish other than “Eat this now!”, but really that’s all I want to say. Eat this! Make this dish! Put it in your mouth! […]

Pork Banh Mi with Homemade Pickles


I like to make food from everywhere, I pick up ideas on my travels but most of the time I make things that I haven’t eaten before. Researching and planning food is half the fun of my job, I get to be creative and look […]

Pork Belly Tacos (gua bao)


52 weeks of cooking – Taiwanese Ever since moving to Singapore and tasting all the wonders of Asian street foods I’ve had a fondness for steamed bao. Lots of people know the classic steamed bao stuffed with BBQ pork but there are other flavors and […]

Pork and Pickle Pies


Happy Pi Day! In high school the math club would give out free slices of apple pie to anyone who could recite pi to the 5th decimal place on pi day, March 14th, 3/14. Towards the end when they were running low on slices they’d […]

Tortang Talong – Eggplant and Pork Omelet


52 weeks of cooking – Filipino In Southeast Asia it’s normal to have a maid and it’s even more normal to have that maid live in your home. When my family first moved to Singapore my mom didn’t want to have a maid. The whole […]

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