NBA Open to Discussing Medical Cannabis


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Could the NBA allow players to (openly) use cannabis? It just may happen.  A recent post on reddit suggests that NBA commissioner Adam Silver is at least open to the idea. When asked about medical marijuana use and the NBA, this is what Commissioner Silver had to say: “I would say […]
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OLCC: Cities and Counties Marijuana Ban List Updated

Oregon Marijuana Survey Project

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has updated the list of Oregon cities and counties which have prohibited the establishment of licensed recreational marijuana producers, processors, wholesalers, and/or retailers.  www.oregon.gov/olcc/marijuana/Documents/Cities_Counties_RMJOptOut.pdf   For more information, go to www.marijuana.oregon.gov. Phone: 503-872-6366; email:[email protected]

Work Begins on Rules for Legal Pot


SALEM, Ore. — The work to bring regulated, legal, recreational marijuana to Oregon begins next week. Lawmakers will consider a request for a half-million dollars to start making rules for legal pot. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission says it needs the money for four initial positions: program manager, two policy analysts, and a public affairs … Continue reading »

Medical Marijuana Shops on Measure 91


EUGENE, Ore. — It wasn’t even been 24 hours after voters approved marijuana in Oregon before local medical marijuana dispensaries prepared to expand their business. The latest numbers as of Wednesday night were 55 percent voted for legalization of marijuana and 45 percent voted against. People still need a medical marijuana card to get inside … Continue reading »

Law Enforcement Response to Measure 91


EUGENE, Ore. — Local law enforcement agencies say they don’t have a plan in place yet for changes in enforcement once recreational marijuana is legal. The Lane County Sheriff’s Office says impaired driving is illegal, whether pot is legal or not. But it will look to states that already have recreational usage to see what … Continue reading »

“Cannamoms” Make the Move to Oregon


EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon’s medical marijuana program is one of the most recognized in the county; so much so, even people from outside of the state are moving here just to take part. Families from all over the country say in their research, Oregon is the only state that allows non-residents to legally participate in … Continue reading »

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