Group Protests Pipeline Project


EUGENE, Ore. — A group of concerned citizens in Eugene is fighting a Canadian gas pipeline that could be installed through Oregon. About 40 community members gathered in the West University Neighborhood Wednesday night frustrated over what a pipeline could mean for Oregon. A number of the homes participating in raising awareness were covered in … Continue reading »

Eugene Police Prepares for Protests


EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene Police Chief Pete Kerns says his department is making preparations for possible protests after the Michael Brown decision. The department has requested that groups give advance notice of possible demonstrations, though they are not required to do so. Kerns says EPD is very good at supporting protesters who want to express … Continue reading »

Corvallis tea partiers protest government regulations


About 30 protesters waved American flags and held up signs with slogans like, “Abolish IRS,” “Free enterprise,” “De-federalize Oregon lands” at a tea party rally in front of the Benton County Courthouse on Saturday.
Though the president of Benton County Republican Women, Stella Guenther, staffed a table at the event to sign up new voters, the rally wasn’t affiliated with any political party, organizer Carolyn Webb said.
“It’s really nonpartisan,” she said. “It’s a tea party rally — tea party means that we’re interested in limited government and less regulations, so anybody and everybody whose interested in those issues can be involved.”
Because the tea party encompasses a set of values and is not an official political party, it’s difficult to determine the number of locals who identify as a tea partier, Webb said.
The tea party favors tax reform, energy independence, lowering the state and national debt, a reduced federal government, and fewer regulations on business.
Webb purposefully planned the rally to loosely coincide with the IRS Tax filing deadline, which is Tuesday.
“It’s tax day next week,” she said. “I thought it was a good time for the people to think about all of the rules and regulations — what the federal government and state government is doing — because the people need to have a voice.”

Corvallis Protest Against Homelessness


CORVALLIS, Ore. – The men’s and women’s homeless shelters have closed their doors for the season; dozens of people say they have no place to go, and protesters are speaking out in front of the Benton County Courthouse. One woman says she wanted to make a statement by pitching a tent on Tuesday afternoon. She … Continue reading »

Videos of UO instructor in confrontation with student group circulate on social media


A pair of videos displaying an argument between University of Oregon adjunct law instructor James Olmsted and students protesters started to make the rounds on social media late Thursday evening. The two videos show different angles of a heated altercation between Olmsted and a student he pushed out of the way. According to the YouTube descriptions, [...]

July 18 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: stormy, Grimes captured, UO thief arrested, JC shooting, unsafe water injunction, I5 at Coburg roadwork, Animal Scramble inhumane?, The Plague, Kitzhaber declares state of emergency, unemployment 8.5%, speed Humps, Ems win, Blazers win...

Homeland Security shuts down Occupy Eugene outpost


Officers from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security showed up this evening at the Occupy Eugene outpost at the Federal Building at East Seventh Avenue and Pearl Street. Putting a perimeter around the area with yellow tape marked "Police Line — Do Not Cross," officers ordered protestors to leave the space.

June 26 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey:more showers, Lane County Jail catch and release, Crash victims named, protesters arrested, coyote nips 5 yr old, tree climbing at the Trials, Symmonds in 800, Williams makes the team,

Councilman Poling Still Affected By Occupy Protest Held On His Lawn


At this point, it’s unlikely the two sides will come to terms—Poling and Occupy members have both publicly chastised the other side for not calling a meeting, and at other times, stated publicly that they would refuse to attend such a meeting.

City Council Exemption to Occupy Eugene Challenged.


Occupy Eugene, and the Eugene City Council face a new hurdle in resolving the vagabond status of the protests twice relocated base camp.

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