Tuesday weather: Sunny and 51, but rain expected later


Forecasters expect Tuesday to be sunny throughout the mid-valley, with highs around 51. But rain is expected later Tuesday night and Wednesday, with lows Tuesday in the mid-30s and highs Wednesday in the mid-40s.

Tree Crashes onto House


EUGENE, Ore. — Our first big fall storm of the season tested the rivers, the sewers and at times, even the homes, as several trees came down during the heavy rainfall and strong winds. This fall storm hasn’t disappointed with rain totals topping two inches in some spots. A perfect example of some of the … Continue reading »

Undefeated season is the goal as Oregon men’s club soccer begins new year


As with everything that happens in Eugene, rain began to fall during one of the Oregon men’s club soccer double day practices the week before school began. “It’s really no big deal at all,” assistant coach Luke Connolly said as water dripped from his soaked jacket. “Rain is no problem because we’re Ducks.” The double […] Continue reading →

Partnership to Help Create Startups


EUGENE, Ore. — Governor John Kitzhaber stopped in Eugene Wednesday to sign a declaration of cooperation that could help boost our local economy. The Regional Accelerator and Innovation Network is expected to create tech start-ups here in the Willamette Valley and keep these companies in the local area. Something business leaders say is a win-win … Continue reading »

Corvallis Fire crew ferries woman out of flooded property


Though water has been draining almost as fast as it’s been accumulating in the mid-valley, steady rain in the past week has affected people in areas more prone to flooding — like Cindy Kent, who was ferried out of her Corvallis area property in an inflatable raft on Monday.
Kent had been cooped up in her mobile home since Thursday as rain began pooling on the long driveway leading to her house along a horseshoe bend in the Willamette River, northeast of Corvallis.
Flooding on the property off of Strawberry Lane is pretty common, said Kent, 57, and normally she stays home until the water drains off the driveway or someone in a bigger rig — like a tractor — can get her out.
But flooding was higher than usual — and her 79-year-old mother, Frankie Kent, didn’t feel comfortable allowing her daughter to wait another day. She lives about a quarter-mile down the road from her daughter on a portion of the property that doesn’t flood as easily.
“I called 911 because we couldn’t get her out,” Frankie Kent said. “I was worried about her, and I said she’s coming out because mama bear said.“
A crew from the Corvallis Fire Department crew was dispatched to 2485 N.E. Strawberry Lane at 10:58 a.m.
The emergency responder vehicles — an incident command vehicle and a large truck — could drive through a short section of the flooded road but the water was too deep to continue through the whole stretch.
With the use of an inflatable raft, the crew shuttled Cindy Kent, her bags and her two dogs through a 30-foot wide pool of water that Kent estimated was about chest deep.
“I was completely cut off so that nothing could come through except a boat like that,” she said. “They put a life jacket on me and off we went. They did a wonderful job — they were very nice and very safety conscious.“
Kent, who has lived on that part of her family’s property since 1986, said she has never asked for help from emergency crews in getting out of her house, not even in the winter of 1996, when the water was so high it seeped through the heater vents of her mobile home.

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Wow! That Sounds Like It Ought To Be A Record. Oh, It Is.


The month of September 2013 was very wet setting an all-time monthly rainfall record foe Eugene. Can we compare that to nearby areas to confirm more than one location was very, very wet?

December 4 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: lots of wind and rain, attempted child abduction, hwy 101 crash, dog theft, 1960's diary owner sought, Nancy Golden to retire, Coast hwy collapse, EPA rules to affect logging road regulations...

Seasonal Affective Disorder in Eugene


Seasonal Affective Disorder is a psychological condition that can mimic depression. As Eugene moves into fall and eventually into winter, cases of SAD are sure to rise as the days grow shorter and darker. While medication can be prescribed to treat the disorder, University of Oregon Psychology Professor Don Tucker suggests a few alternatives to medicine.

March 21 – Evening Update


Tim Chuey weather, not guilty verdict, homeless sex offender, Ok for Deadwood - but not Huck Finn, snowy plovered, runaway teen found, unemployment extended, Kyrons cameras, shuttered jailhouse crew

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