Behind The Scenes: Don’t Be Ashamed of Selfies


We recently produced a video explaining our position on "Selfies" and I'm asking people like you to send me a "Selfie" so I can put it on the Rick Dancer TV show. I believe "Selfies" are an important cultural issue.

Behind the Scenes: I Have This Thing About Death


I have this thing about death. Since being diagnosed with cancer in 2010 death doesn't own me the way it used to. Don't get me wrong I still don't want to die anytime soon but once you face death straight on, some of it's power seems to diminish.

Behind The Scenes: It’s Not All About the Show


I’m supposed to write this article to promote Rick Dancer TV and I must say this weeks show is really good but do you mind if I tell you about something even bigger in my life at this moment? I wasn’t the best student and had a tough time in school. My grades were bad,

Behind The Scenes: Brew & Cue Needs a Media Break


I had one of those ah-ha moments the other day. The owner of a local tavern called the Brew & Cue called me to ask for my help. The Brew and Cue got in the middle of a murder story but the murder didn’t even happen there. None-the-less the owner says the media attention is

Behind The Scenes: Kidnapping in Brownsville


Rick Dancer TV doesn't normally "break stories" but this week on the show we're investigating a year old abduction near Brownsville. Last week we visited the town and talked to all sort of people. There are posters up in Brownsville and Junction City as Lochmead Farms steps up its search for a missing employee.

Behind The Scenes: April 27th I Like Being Sandpaper


We live in a fear-based culture that's afraid to speak up, even in a nice way,to offer an opinion. I guess when you spend most of your life working on the news and having to keep your opinions to yourself, when freedom comes, you realize how much you missed out on.

Behind The Scenes: Pushing the Edge


This weeks Rick Dancer TV show is one of my favorites to date. It's not as fast-paced as some and in the big bad world of television it may not keep the attention of every viewer but we're not after every viewer we want people looking for change.

Behind The Scenes: RDTV Brings Back Historic KEZI Stories


Florence and I have a friendship that goes back many years. When I worked at KEZI we did many “Our Town” Specials from the Oregon Coast City and people there have always treated me as a local.

Behind the Scenes on 3/16, This Show will make you laugh


Okay, I think this may be the funniest Rick Dancer TV show we have ever produced. Emma, our co-host showed up this week and OMGosh that woman is funny.

RDTV: The Last Two Years of Rick Dancer TV


I think you're really going to like this weeks Rick Dancer TV Show. We are taking you back for a look at the past two years, highlighting some special moments and laughing through many others.

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