Spring is Here and So are More Resources for Low Incomes


New unemployment stats were released this week, although the news is good, there are still those that need help. We provide a list of resources for those that need them, or as a list for those that want to help.

Sign My Petition or I’ll Lose My Job – Part Two


PART TWO: EDN looks into what work looks like for the average signature gatherer. What we discovered, unsurprisingly, was this job is not a walk in the park. But what was surprising were the stories we heard about bait-and-switch tactics used in the hiring process, the intense pressure placed on employees, and the difficulties some allegedly face when trying to get paid.

Down to Earth’s Expansion a Sign Of Changing Times


The local small business managed to grow during recent hard economic times due to increasing interest in backyard gardening as a means of saving money

Eugene Mission Sees Homeless Population Increase


KEZI TVEugene Mission Sees Homeless Population IncreaseKEZI TVEUGENE, Ore. -- If it seems like there's more and more homeless people in need, you wouldn't be wrong according to one Eugene shelter. Directors at the Eugene Mission say compared to...

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