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Growing up Italian: My other home….is a Jewel!


AL FRESCO:Adverb (al-/fres-/ko’): Dining style during the summer months in a party-like atmosphere, outside, “in the cool air”. To me, it means way more than that. These two words carry a million memories: scents, tastes, sensations and memories of people whose paths crossed mine indelibly, even if it was for a distant, faded moment in the

Pofta Buna! Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe


I did not grow up celebrating Thanksgiving. The first time I partook of the celebration I was eighteen. My host parents had an amazing spread of food, all new to me; from the cranberry sauce to the pumpkin pie to the sweet potato casserole. It was a feast of unknown flavors, smells, and presentations.

Pofta Buna!: Roasted Chicken with Gluten Free Gravy


I love roasted chicken. But I love gravy with roasted chicken even more. This is a simple recipe I enjoy making on a regular basis because (1) it tastes delicious, (2) it has healthy saturated fats, (3) it is great for leftovers, and (4) the gravy is gluten free.

Adventures in Homebrew: Belgian Bitter


Adventures in Homebrew: Belgian Bitter by [email protected] Somehow, amid the indulgences of Eugene Beer Week, I managed to squeeze a homebrew session into the first week of May. After several months working with the Timothy Taylor (Wyeast 1469) yeast, followed by a quick stint with a German Wheat (Wyeast 3333) strain, I decided to return to brewing Belgians. More specifically, I revisited the first

Spring Greens: Stinging Nettles


When it comes to experimenting with mysterious green foods, some people need more than just a hearty nutritional profile for persuasion. Because besides being very, very good for you, food should taste good, right? Finding that balance of nutritious and delicious, is part of the joy of cooking.

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