Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers ignite Rose Garden in Portland Wednesday


It’s hard to believe that a couple of punks from the streets of Los Angeles appearing on stage with nothing but tube socks placed over their privates have reached a major milestone: turning 50. For 29 years, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have gone through just about everything that would normally kill off any other [...]

The Book Monster: Vol. 1


If you like novels, biographies, short-stories, old musty books, zines, online journals, architectural journals, picture books, homemade books, how-to books, history books, travel books, bargain books, black books, white books, literary journals, books that are falling apart, books with missing pages, joke books, or the one your working on, this is the column for you.

‘Communicating Doors’ offers a little time travel and a lot of humor


The story might sound confusing and it sometimes is. But the writer and actors are well aware of this illogical environment they're performing in, and they use the time they have to play many scenes for laughs.

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