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Behind The Scenes: Don’t Be Ashamed of Selfies


We recently produced a video explaining our position on "Selfies" and I'm asking people like you to send me a "Selfie" so I can put it on the Rick Dancer TV show. I believe "Selfies" are an important cultural issue.

Behind The Scenes: It’s Not All About the Show


I’m supposed to write this article to promote Rick Dancer TV and I must say this weeks show is really good but do you mind if I tell you about something even bigger in my life at this moment? I wasn’t the best student and had a tough time in school. My grades were bad,

Mandarose: A Local Film to Challenge the Spirit of Sprout


When you think of a movie about someone with a disability, you might imagine the disability being the main point of the film. But in real life a disability is simply part of life, part of someone’s story, not the basis for everything about that person.

Behind the Scenes: What’s Love Got To Do With V-day


Valentine's Day is supposed to be about love but anymore it seems to be more about selling flowers, chocolates and Hallmark cards than it is about love. I'm all for a romantic evening, but for love to last it takes more than cute underwear to keep it going.

Changing The Game


This month, we do an interview with Eugene Businessman Brian Obie who is proposing a huge new development in the Market Street District of Eugene. After the interview I climb up on a soapbox and encourage viewers to get involved in the process, not the just those who disagree but those who like the idea of a development.

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