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The Time to Regenerate Coffee is Now, and it Starts with Healthy Soil

It is time to move beyond the idea of sustainable coffee. Sustaining something assumes that what we have is already good enough. Yet numerous studies have shown that if the…

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The Extraction Is Made From Fully Traceable Microlots Grown By Ewoks

If mergers and acquisitions are anything like the birds and the bees, then Spring is very much in the air this week. Milwaukee business news publication BizTimes reported that Canadian…

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Vava Angwenyi on Economic Empowerment and the Next Generation in Coffee

Vava Angwenyi lives in Kenya, but she works wherever coffee takes her. She is the “Chief Coffaolic” and founder of Vava Coffee, a social enterprise working to improve future prospects…

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Advancing the Farmworkers Discussion at the SCA Expo

The Specialty Coffee Expo takes place this week in Seattle, bringing together coffee sustainability leaders from all over the world to advance discussions that are crucial for the future of coffee…

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The Extraction Comes With Zen in Kyoto, Pot in Canada and Death in Bangkok

While the SCA is gearing up for its annual Expo in Seattle, the 121st International Coffee Council ran from April 9-13 in Mexico City. The convening of the governing body of the…

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Making the Case for Better Coffee through Bees

By now it’s common knowledge that bees are in jeopardy throughout the world. As agricultural practices have intensified and pesticide use has increased, bee populations are being decimated. New research…

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The Extraction is in Hot Pursuit of Runaway Cold Brew

Amidst the backlash against a California court’s decision requiring coffee retailers in California to post cancer warnings has come this enlightening quantification from scientists at the Texas A&M Center for Coffee Research and…

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Lighten Up: Blonde Coffee Beers Emerging From the Shadows

When coffee beer enthusiasts mention some of their favorite brews, names like Founders’ Breakfast Stout, AleSmith’s Speedway Stout, and Lagunitas’ Cappuccino Stout are often repeated. It’s as if when considering…

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