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At TECNiCAFÉ, Technology and Innovation for a New Generation

After traveling 20 minutes from Popayán, a sprawling, historic city in Western Colombia, I surveyed the land before me and pondered the immense change that has taken place. Just a…

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Ildi Revi on the Landscape of Learning in Specialty Coffee

Ildi Revi, the director of learning at green coffee importer Ally Coffee, began her career in coffee over two decades ago after she married a coffee farmer in Zimbabwe. Since then,…

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Unpacking Coffee with Kandace and Ray: Stovetop Roasters

In this week’s episode of Unpacking Coffee, Kandace and Ray check in with the principals of Ann Arbor, Michigan-based roasting outfit Stovetop Roasters. Business has surely been heating up on…

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The Extraction Might Increase the Likelihood of Pregnancy

The University of Newcastle blog shared the results of a study conducted with Australian company Crema Coffee Garage on the caffeine content resulting from various brewing methods. Turns out espresso and cold brew…

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More from ASIC Portland on the Cutting Edge of Coffee Science

Following a dizzying week of coffee science learning in mid-September at the Association for Science and Information on Coffee (ASIC) biennial symposium in Portland, Oregon, I attempted to sum up of…

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What Goes Around: How Coffee Waste Is Fueling a Circular Economy

(Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in the March/April 2016 issue of Roast magazine.) Global coffee production creates in excess of 23 million tons of waste per year, according to…

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