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The Extraction is Flame-Retardant and Visible From Space

Scientists from Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore have figured out a way to turn spent grinds into a fire-retardant material. Today Online had more: The material, a composite resin made up…

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Inside Roast Magazine’s January/February Issue (Now Shipping)

The January/February issue of Roast magazine has been released. The issue features in-depth coverage of Ethiopia’s commodity marketplace; observations on water content during roasting; and a closer look at “Relationship Coffee”…

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The Extraction is Like a Barista on Gameday

Even the jocks in Portland have high standards for their coffee. ESPN followed the Portland Trail Blazers’ sports performance specialist Todd Forcier through a crucial pre-game coffee ritual: Back in a hallway,…

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The Wonderful World of Pressure Relief Valves

In any system where steam is generated, there is always a possibility that over-pressurization can cause a catastrophic failure of the pressure vessel. This could result in destruction of property,…

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The Doppiolarity: Coffee Equipment Advanced Digitally and Mechanically in 2018

When cartoons and real humans interacted in unprecedented ways in the 1988 movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” it blew kids’ minds. Reviewing 2018’s crop of launches and rollouts in the…

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Our Top Columns on Coffee Prices in 2018

Under the umbrella of “prices” come any number of other important topics: Cost of production, profitability, futures contract lengths, supply and demand fundamentals, shifting financial markets, the role of technology…

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Consumer Coffee Gear Found New Life Offline in 2018

Consumers are subject to a ceaseless flow of products all claiming to offer some never-before-seen level of convenience, beauty, or the cleverest combination of zany, magical features. The coffee category…

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Roasting Equipment in 2018: A Spike in the Roastery Cafe’s Rate of Rise

The great industrial production roastery will always be the backbone of the industry, but as the boutique boom in specialty coffee continues to inspire smaller companies and individual shops to…

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