Are You Losing Your Job To A He, A She, Or An It?


Many people lose their jobs to someone else, but what if you lost yours to a robot? How do you feel about it. Some new research might surprise you. I'll explain.

The Extraction Made by Robots Comes Recommended by Bots


While there’s risk involved in any new commercial endeavor, people who argue that coffee is somehow “recession-proof” got some fresh evidence for their case in Greece this week, when Xinhua...

April 9 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: a break in the weather, tax-hike plan revealed, Beltline drunk driver charged, ODOT sued, foiled kidnapping attempt, new City Hall Design, Local company goes global, computer scam warning, Middle School robot parade, Sheldon downs Marist, Duck football update, Duck Civil War Baseball preview, UO Baseball beats ASU, Cal takes out Duck Lacrosse.

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