Rose Bowl

The Path to Glory Is Covered in Blue-Blood


There’s been a lot of grousing about preseason rankings and critics. When did Ducks fans develop such a thin skin? Rather than pound the table, I say bring it on. To the national pundits we’re known as the Blur or...

A First Look at Our Alamo Bowl Adversaries


The Pac-12 was left out of the second annual College Football Playoff. The conference ends up as the odd man out one year after the Ducks made it to the football’s final four. Whether you blame it on the nine-game...

Perspective Key to Oregon’s Success


How a season is viewed is all a matter of perspective. Regardless of achievement or outcome, if expectations are not met, it is viewed as a disappointment. Conversely, if the result exceeds expectations, it is viewed as a success. More...

Put Down Your Pitchfork: Oregon Born, Duck Raised, Husky Alumnus?


Put down your pitchfork. I’m not your enemy. I’m a Duck fan just like you. I was born in Roseburg, raised in Eugene, and have always been a Duck fan. I understand that the term “Husky alumni” is anathema to... Continue reading →

The Sweetest Duck Victories


Every win is a good win, but there a few in recent memory that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Some particular characteristic that made the victory extra special, extra satisfying. A few games that bring a smile to... Continue reading →

Shock and Awe — The Oregon Ducks’ Football Hangover Effect


Everyone knows that Oregon goes fast. Duck football is synonymous with speed and tempo and heaps and heaps of points. This article, however, will delve into the mental aspect of the uptempo pace the Ducks have favored is seasons past, as experienced by...

Unreasonable, Unrealistic? Or are Duck Fans’ Expectations the New Normal?


When did it happen? When was it that we stopped hoping to win and started expecting to win? Was it the pick in ’94? Nah, too early. Was it our #2 ranking after 2001? Nope, but we’re getting closer. Expecting... Continue reading →

Matt Wogan — His Leg Is Ready for 2015


With the start of the college football season only 22 days away, football fans have become increasingly excited about the upcoming year. As the season draws near, the Oregon Ducks have been preparing themselves for another outstanding season. The recen... Continue reading →

A Real Casanova — Looking Back at One of Oregon’s Greatest Ducks


Set the way-back machine to 1951 and get your DeLoreans up to 88 MPH. We’re going back to look at a famous Duck from Oregon‘s rich history. While Oregon has had many great coaches over the years, I think we... Continue reading →

Helfrich’s Philosophy for Success


There are many important factors contributing to the winning tradition of the Oregon Ducks. Some of the more obvious factors are hard to miss. The Ducks have been fortunate enough to have some spectacular players dazzle Autzen Stadium and its...

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