Kyoto Coleslaw


I’ve always had a thing for cabbage, even if I was unaware of my love for coleslaw, it started back when I lived in Singapore. In middle school one of my really good friends, Margaret, lived down the street from me, we’d often hang out […]

Caramelized Shallot Orzo Salad


If you dream of caramelized onions but need more substance than this is the pasta salad for you, but I refuse to call it pasta salad. In truth I hate pasta salad, well not every pasta salad, but most of them, they are greasy, gloppy […]

Mexican Corn and Bean Salad


I adore Mexican food, but sometimes it can be a bit stogy, heavy refried beans and rich Spanish rice are not always refreshing during the summer. This salad is lighter than those traditional side dishes but just as substantial and filling. Charred corn, creamy black […]

Carrot Miso Salad Dressing


I didn’t start making my own salad dressing until after I left Bounty. When I first started off I bought the basics, Italian dressing and Ranch, I didn’t do much more than that because I had so many other things to think about and that […]

Golden Goddess Salad Dressing


Finally, the long awaited recipe for golden goddess salad dressing is here! The base of this dressing, where all of it’s golden flavor comes from is nutritional yeast or brewers yeast. Not the same kind of yeast you use to make bread or beer, it’s […]

Lemon Lime Coleslaw


52 weeks of cooking – On Sale Boats and budgets go together in my mind, I started my carrier working for a boat where I was told the budget needed to be around $5 per person, per day for food expenses. That’s all three meals […]

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