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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – One Story Told

Stephan Moreau

We have seen it on our corner's, we have read about it in print and some of us may have even dealt with it in one way or another or perhaps have it and have no idea that we do. I am talking about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). What ever the case maybe I wanted to share with you a conversation I had a little while ago, a person I would consider a new friend.

Take A Hike At Spencer Butte – The Butte That Almost Wasn’t

Spencer Butte Eugene, Oregon c 1910 | Photo Lane County Historical Society

"Remember, Eugene boys and girls will be climbing Spencer Butte fifty and one hundred years from today, to be inspired by looking over a city built out of the very foot of the butte. F.M. Wilkins Mayor of Eugene 1905 - 1907

A Life Cut Short – Be Safe As You Ring In This New Year

Time Square Ball

I began to beat him with my fists, screaming at him that it wasn't true! "You're lying to me" I yelled at him; the tears rolling down my face

The Eugene Mission – Food Bed Gospel Restoration

Be Content message at the Eugene Mission gardens

White metal bunk bed after bunk bed after bunk bed filled the room. I tried to keep myself in check and not let the tears fall, but there was no way to contain them.

The 117th Civil War UO vs OSU Behind The Scenes

117th Civil War Autzen Stadium Photo | Sandy Harris

For those of you who are dedicated to the sports, your writing and photography is greatly appreciated, my hat is off to you! It was a pleasure working alongside everyone of you.

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