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The 14th Dalai Lama Visit’s Matthew Knight Arena


"Action is more important than prayer. We must not rely on prayer or meditation. Action requires vision. Unrealistic action brings failure"

There’s No Place Like Home


Remember the good old days when things were easy? You could walk into any public restroom with confidence, take care of business and be on your way. Tom Hanks’ famous line in Forest Gump comes to my mind when walking into a public never know what you're going to get.

Raise A Glass To MECCA


What is MECCA? Possibly one of Eugene's best kept secrets that's not so secret. Materials Exchange Center for the Community Arts (MECCA) is a non-profit arts, education and reuse organization founded approximately 14 years ago.

Preparing For An Art Exhibit


It is time to make the final preparations. Cleaning the glass and frame, matting the photograph, signing and placing it within it's frame. I must attach wire to the back so it can easily be hung. There is a unique way to do this. A very special person had taught me how, neither one of us knowing it would play an important roll in my life.

Learning To Drive A Stick


I parked the car, feeling as if I had done enough for the day and we decided to call it good. Once my trainer was back in her seat and we were securely fastened in our seat belts, I asked her a few questions, reviewing what I had learned, the last being: "Do you know how to peel out?"

Give Blood ~ Give Life


Every 33 minutes someone in Lane county needs a blood transfusion, every 2 seconds someone in the United States needs a blood transfusion. One out of every ten people entering a hospital will need blood. Approximately 35,000 units of blood are used EACH day in the United States. Only 5% of the population donates blood.

Upstart Crow Starting Auditions For Next Production


Upstart Crow will be holding open call auditions for this Broadway musical April 20th from 1 to 4 pm. Auditions are open to adults who have prepared a musical excerpt and a monologue to demonstrate their vocal range and expression.

A Day In The Life of A Firefighter Part 2: Whiteaker Station


Reflecting back on that day, I will admit, I was a little anxious as I did not know what to expect from this experience. When I first approached Whiteaker Station 2, Firefighter Cody Giddens was tending the Engine. I rang the bell and was greeted by Firefighter Bill Bennett, who introduced me to Captains Mike Montgomery and Tony Biagi.

A Day In The Life Of A Firefighter


Firefighters have always intrigued me, especially since our nations tragedy of September 11th. I wanted to know what it is like to be that person who can run towards a burning building when others are running in the opposite direction. It had to take a very special person who is willing to risk their own life to save another's.

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