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Tomato Pate a Choux with Ricotta Filling

52 weeks of baking – Pate a Choux These deep orange colored pate a choux are tomato flavored and filled with a herby ricotta mixture. My first attempt at making these I adorned the tops of the dough with very thin slices of tomato, they […]

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Lapsang Souchong Lentil Salad

52 weeks of cooking – Smoking As a tea appreciator and a seeker of new flavors lapsang souchong is something very interesting. It’s a black tea from China that is smoked with pinewood to dry it, the leaves soak up the smoky flavor and then […]

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Seattle Day Sails

I have a love hate relationship with day sails. They are great because it’s a short sail, just a few hours of work, usually in the evening, but at the same time I’m waiting around all day for something to happen. Here in Seattle it […]

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Rosewater Pavlova with Pistachios and Apricots

52 weeks of baking – Eid al-Fitr I’ve been making pavlova since the 7th grade. In social studies class we were assigned to report on the culture of a country of our choice. Back then I was obsessed with Lord of the Rings so I […]

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Pork Belly Tacos (gua bao)

52 weeks of cooking – Taiwanese Ever since moving to Singapore and tasting all the wonders of Asian street foods I’ve had a fondness for steamed bao. Lots of people know the classic steamed bao stuffed with BBQ pork but there are other flavors and […]

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Pineapple Meringue Pie

52 weeks of baking – Fresh Fruit Inspiration for this recipe came from the fact that I had a pineapple that needed using and I seem to have endless amounts of egg whites on hand from making ice cream. I tried looking for a pineapple […]

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Jaffa Cakes

52 weeks of baking – Tiny Treats The first time I went to Europe was over spring break with my mom and brother in 8th grade. We decided to go to London, it was our first time traveling just the three of us so we […]

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52 weeks of cooking – Eggs Passengers often ask me where I went to school and are quite surprised when I inform them I’m self taught. When I was teaching myself I spent hours reading about food and watching a lot of Food Network, but […]

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Memorial Day Weekend Escape

Memorial Day weekend in Bellingham means Ski to Sea, it’s a race the starts on Mount Baker and ends on the shore of Bellingham Bay. There are several legs: cross country skiing, downhill skiing, running, road biking, canoeing and kayaking. As long as I work […]

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Lemon Lime Coleslaw

52 weeks of cooking – On Sale Boats and budgets go together in my mind, I started my carrier working for a boat where I was told the budget needed to be around $5 per person, per day for food expenses. That’s all three meals […]

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