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This Moose Isn’t Named Bullwinkle.


In the tenth installment of my series on service club organizations I'll show you the Loyal Order Of Moose and let you see the work which they do that most of us never knew about.

“Assistance” Is Their First Name.

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Assistance League® is a service club organization whose members perform a lot of good works for our local community. Do you know what those good works are and how they are financed? I have the answers to those questions and more in this installment of my series examining service club organizations.

Buffalo Isn’t Only Known For Snow and Its Wings.

Zonta International Logo

Have you ever heard of Zonta? If you have I'll bet you don't know all of the things they do. If you have heard of them I have more details I'm sure you don't know about. I'll give you the low-down.

Why Call It Rotary?


In my continuing series of feature stories examining the area service club organizations we are looking into Rotary. How much do you know about what local Rotarians do? I'll explain.

Most Remember The Fireworks, But What Is an Active 20-30 Club?


Who are the members of the Active 20-30 Club and what do they actually do for the community? In this third part in a series or features about service clubs you will learn just how much effort they put into their many projects.

What Does Kiwanis Mean Anyway?


Kiwanis may seem like a funny sounding name for a service club organization, but its members live up to the little-known definition. We'll take a closer look into all of the good works they perform for our neighbors.

Who Are The Lions And What Do They Do?

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There are many service club organizations, but do you know what kind of work they really do? This is an introduction to Lions Clubs International and one of its local clubs, the Eugene Downtown Lions Club.

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