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Lapsang Souchong Lentil Salad

52 weeks of cooking – Smoking As a tea appreciator and a seeker of new flavors lapsang souchong is something very interesting. It’s a black tea from China that is smoked with pinewood to dry it, the leaves soak up the smoky flavor and then […]

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Lemon Lime Coleslaw

52 weeks of cooking – On Sale Boats and budgets go together in my mind, I started my carrier working for a boat where I was told the budget needed to be around $5 per person, per day for food expenses. That’s all three meals […]

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Spinach Souffle

52 weeks of baking – Earth Day I appreciate the change of the seasons and the changes it makes to our eating routine; I like to cook seasonally while I season my food at sea. As an occasional gardener and a hopeful homesteader I know […]

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Seared Polenta Squares

52 weeks of cooking – Searing I love polenta and I don’t understand why it’s not popular to those I serve it to. I could eat a huge bowl of polenta with just a simple sauce of roasted tomatoes with basil and be very satisfied, […]

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Coconut Peas

When I was first started to cook on Bounty I wanted to recreate the flavors I was familiar with in Singapore, but the ingredients I had were very different. Given what I had available to me and the dinner I had decided to make I […]

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