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“I Can See Clearly Now,” But How Long Will It Last?

Fireplace & Oil Lamp

We are coming into that time of the year when the air can get pretty thick with smoke, mostly due to people burning wood to keep their homes warm. There are rules for just how much smoke is allowed to rise out of your chimney. I’ll explain the rules.

Just When You Think It Can’t Get Any Worse, It Does

The number of wildfires in Oregon has tripled in less than a month. Where are they and just how bad are they? I’ll explain.

We’re Not Really Supposed To See “It.”

We are not supposed to be able to see the air we breathe, but we could not only see it but we could smell and even taste it. That was due to local fires and wildfires in our area. I’ll explain where we get the index, who provides it, and what it means.

Springfield Conducts Smoke Test

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The City of Springfield’s Development and Public Works Department will smoke test sewer lines Tuesday. The sewer lines serving homes in the southwest Harlow Road area will be tested September 16-18. The smoke test will determine if there are defects or broken pipes in the system. By forcing smoke into the pipes … Continue reading »

Yellow Point Fire Burns 550 Acres

NEAR ALMA, Ore. — Firefighting crews worked to contain the Yellow Point fire Sunday near Alma. Ground crews are working to create fire lines and helicopters are fighting the blaze from the sky. Flames from the Yellow Point Fire cover the hillside. “The fire’s burning pretty active today,” said Matt Howard, Oregon Department of Forestry … Continue reading »

What’s That “Stuff” In The Sky?


The recent hazy days were the result of wildfires to our south. Find out more and what you can do to help protect your property.

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