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Snow & Ice In Storm Drain
Snow And Ice Melting And Flowing Into Storm Drain | Photo by Tim Chuey

It May Seem Too Early, But It Really Isn’t.

We are already seeing significant snow in the mountains, but are you prepared for a winter storm where you live? I have information you need to keep safe. Check this out.

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Agencies to Apply for FEMA Funding

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — Several Lane County public agencies plan to apply for federal funding after February’s snow storm left parts of the area without power for days. This comes after President Barack Obama announced this month agencies could apply for FEMA funding. All of the agencies we spoke with say while they knew the … Continue reading »

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Snow In Atlanta, Georgia | Photo by

The Polar Vortex Came To Visit And Left A Mark.

The Polar Vortex is not new, but it did cause a lot of havoc for millions of people. I’ll tell you how it works and why we didn’t get it here.

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