Warm weather not boding well for snowpack


The mid-valley basked in nearly 60-degree weather for most of last week with only a touch of precipitation. Baby lambs are getting fat and the grass seed fields are bright green, but the leisurely weather may bear an unpleasant aftereffect come summer ...

It’s Snow Big Deal Or Is It?


Mother Nature has not cooperated much this Winter season so far with dropping snow on our local ski areas. Is there still hope? There sure is. What else can be done in the mountains in the off-season? I'll answer the question and give you the lowdown.

The Anatomy Of A Snowstorm


The Eugene-Spriingfield area and the entire state of Oregon just experienced a major winter storm. What elements did it take to produce the storm and what occurred each day? This is the Anatomy of a Snowstorm.

January 10 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: a little snow for a little while, Uhaul chase, gun wielding felon arrested, school board drama, Assisted care flu epidemic, disorderly conduct arrest, Poop signs prank, State of the City Address, Willamette beats Springfield

December 18 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: possibility of a little more snow on the ground, Homesource agrees to close, Churchill threat not credible, Cottage Grove house fire, downtown Eugene SUV crash, carjacker back in Lane County court, UO scholarships for low income students in Portland, WW2 vet Mullin honored, Crow loses to Triangle Lake...

March 13 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey:rain, heavy weather, Kulongoski dips deep, DEQ levies fines, Hagen lawsuit, murderer pleads guilty, Charter school rejected, Mural changes, Welcome to Cottage Grove, OSU WNIT...

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