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Lemon Mezzaluna Egg Drop Soup

52 weeks of cooking – Citrus As spring slowly starts to creep in and push winter out I still want to eat my fill of soups. Winter soups and stews can be heavy and don’t put me in the mood for spring, but if you […]

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52 weeks of cooking – Stocks and Broths There are two parts to a good Vietnamese pho, a rich flavorful stock and the toppings. Let’s start with the stock. Lots of people use the term stock and broth interchangeably, but there is a difference. My […]

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Seven Ways to Use Bitters for Cooking, According to Chefs

Bitters are to cocktails as salt and spices are to foods. They add complexity, highlighting existing flavors and introducing new ones. But what else can you do with that bottle of boozy extract sitting on your shelf? Apparently, a whole lot. In Angostura’s home country, Trinidad and Tobago, bitters are added to all sorts of […]

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Growing up Italian: My American Family Part 2

Here is what I learned from life: Diamonds are NOT a girl’s best friends. FRIENDS are. I know, truth can hurt, and don’t get me wrong…I like the bling bling, too. When it comes to real life, though, everybody needs a very close friend. A BFF as they call them now.

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Soup Nation: Far From Being Soup Nazis

Ever since I saw “The Soup Nazi” episode of Seinfeld I’ve been hunting for the perfect soup shop. I’ve been to Soup Nation five times now and every time I’ve left with a full stomach and a satisfied palate.

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How Not Sweet!

I’m particularly proud of this creation, a squash soup made with one of our giant heirloom ‘Oregon Homestead Sweetmeat’ squashes, onions and leeks, and celery leaves. I wanted a hint of sweetness and more body than just fiber. That usually means UMAMI, the battle cry of the meat eater.

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