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SportsDesk: If Oregon Ducks QB Leaves Who Else May Depart?

f the Junior Quarterback decides to depart some of the key players this season could follow. On the Offensive Line Senior Hamani Stevens who played two roles on the Line this season will also depart, leaving a big hole to fill for 2015. We already know that Doug Brenner is the heir apparent to the Center position which will be left vacant by departing Senior Hroniss Grasu.

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Autzen Stadium Through the Trees. KPNWSports

Would Oregon Ducks Follow in Baylor’s RGIII Bronze Statue Footsteps? I Hope Not

If the Oregon Ducks decided to build a statue at Autzen to celebrate one of their own, would it be a good idea? Baylor is doing just that and I think it’s stupid.

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Not since 1917...congratulations to the UO Ducks...2011 Rosebowl Champions

Was Oregon’s BCS Snub Strictly Business?

There was an interesting article that was published recently by Jason Kersey who is an Oklahoma Sports Reporter on whether the Sugar Bowl’s selection of the # 11 Sooners over the #10 Ducks was a business decision. I am here to say that

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Oregon Does Not Deserve 2011 BCS Title No Matter What

Even if the Tigers get their national title vacated, that does not mean it should go to the Ducks. They had their shot, right?

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Dion Jordan vs Arkansas State (Alex Shoemaker)

Oregon’s Best NFL Draft Prospects of the Chip Kelly Era

With the 2013 NFL Draft approaching, I decided now would be a pretty good time to look back over the past six drafts to see which of the guys were the best NFL Draft prospects.

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