Things Seemed So Much Simpler And Innocent Back Then.

The Howdy Doody SHow

When I was little I could turn on our black and white television set and watch what today would be called kid friendly programs. Today parents have a much tougher job making sure their kids only watch programs appropriate for children. I'll take you back to those "good old days."

Behind The Scenes: RDTV Brings Back Historic KEZI Stories


Florence and I have a friendship that goes back many years. When I worked at KEZI we did many “Our Town” Specials from the Oregon Coast City and people there have always treated me as a local.

RDTV: The Last Two Years of Rick Dancer TV


I think you're really going to like this weeks Rick Dancer TV Show. We are taking you back for a look at the past two years, highlighting some special moments and laughing through many others.

Rick Dancer TV – June!


It’s seven in the morning, on a Sunday Morning and we are in Cottage Grove ready to shoot the intros and interviews for the June Rick Dancer TV show. There’s mist in the air and that is a real drag when you are shooting video. Scott Phillips and I have been in the business long enough to know you just make it work.

Changing The Game


This month, we do an interview with Eugene Businessman Brian Obie who is proposing a huge new development in the Market Street District of Eugene. After the interview I climb up on a soapbox and encourage viewers to get involved in the process, not the just those who disagree but those who like the idea of a development.

Time To Dream A Little


I used to be a big dreamer. I had visions and plans and so on and so forth. As we age our ability to dream is hamper by past failures and seeing too much of the world. Last year, a TV Production class at Cottage Grove, lit a fire under my backside and fueled my dream center once again.

Cutting the Cable: Week 2


The true cord-cutters test will come this Sunday evening when we have friends over to watch the Walking Dead and we’re able to pull it off without a hitch. On the other hand, I am starting to believe that I was only afraid of losing cable because cable wanted me to be afraid of losing it. With the set up we have going now, and thanks to some late-night homework on my part, I believe I’m more than prepared for any of my family’s audio/video entertainment needs.

Cutting The Cable


How much is your cable bill? How about when you let it slide for a few weeks? Ever pick it apart and read the fine print? Now let me ask you this: Do you know what Stockholm Syndrome is?

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