The Eager Beavers

The Eager Beavers: Exposed

The Eager Beavers photo courtsey Roger Rix

To help ensure people enjoy what The Eager Beavers are doing and recognizing they are controversial in their subject matter, the band actually reads a disclaimer during their set. Much like the controversy of physical exposure, these women emotionally avail themselves to the naked and raw sentiment of their femininity and write about it in songs that are memorable.

Saturday Night on the Town


If you ended up staying home last night...TOO BAD for you!  There was some pretty incredible music last night to check out.  Fortunately my shopping spree went over well in that I found some nice cashmere to keep me warm; am still on the prowl for some comfy boots.  But alas, what is a girl to do? I think today is the day to head out and pick out my pumpkin day... gotta take advantage of the dry weather!

The Eager Beavers


The Eager Beavers Comedy/Country/Swing Label:  Leave it to Beaver Jamie Jamison – vocals, guitar, ukelele Cindy Ingram – vocals, ukelele, washboard Ali Heyer – vocals, bass, keys, ukelele, drums Jonna Threlkeld – vocals, drums, banjo, kazoo, saxophone The all-girl  Eugene based band, The Eager Beavers, (not to be confused with the band of the same

Night on the Town


SATURDAY – Night on the Town I had to sneak out of my tent to render today’s Night on the Town.  I was entered into a slave auction at the SeaDog Nights & Gypsy Carnival and I have to keep it quiet or my 300 lbs pirate master will awaken!  Shhh….  Thankfully, my ‘slave’ time

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