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What’s in My Glass? Bridgeview Pinot Noir


The 2010 Bridgeview Pinot Noir was not only at an amazing price, it was fantastic! Light bodied, yet bold - this wine really stands out. Oregon Pinot continues to blow me away, and the Bridgeview Winery knocked it out of the park with this one. Cheers!

Wine Tasting Adventure! Sweet Cheeks


Sweet Cheeks Winery, just a short drive from Eugene, has some phenomenal selections - with a killer view! For Frugal wine buyers, they have many options that won't break the bank either. Cheers!

What’s In My Glass? A to Z Chardonnay


A to Z Wineworks is a producer of fine Oregon wines, right in the heart of it all. The 2013 Chardonnay is a fantastic find and has the crisp, freshness that I love from this varietal. What a great find. Cheers!

Underwood Wine: In The Can!


Underwood wines are simply delicious. Both their Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris are available in the can, which is unique to Union Wine Co. based in Tualatin, Oregon. These wines are not only affordable, but fantastic.

The Frugal Wine Gal: Ponzi Riesling


The 2014 Riesling from Ponzi Vineyards is made right here in Oregon, and a total steal. It fruit forward, bright, and has the perfect balance of acidity. Drink this wine on your patio while the sun sets, or any time - it is that good!

The Frugal Wine Gal: Cinder Winery


Cinder Winery is producing some fantastic wines from the Snake River Valley in Idaho. A new and growing wine region, Idaho has a bright future ahead of it and has much room to grow. Cinder's attention to detail and quality was truly inspiring. Each sip was delicious, and I cannot wait to try more from this fantastic. I present to you, the 2013 Laissez Faire White Table Wine. Cheers!

Wine Tasting Adventure: Archery Summit


Archery Summit is a producer of amazing Pinot Noirs that truly reflect the area that the grapes are grown in. The focus for this winery is estate Pinot Noirs primarily, but I fell in love with the 2013 Vireton Pinot Gris and the 2014 Vireton Pinot Noir Rosé. Perfect for any occasion and delicious, these are an excellent addition to any wine collection. Cheers!

Tasting Adventures at Remy Wines


Remy wines is a producer of fine italian varietals, in addition to a few tradition Oregon grapes. Located in the heart of McMinnville, check out their beautiful tasting room and sip on some delicious vino. Cheers!

What’s In My Glass? Vista Hills Pinot Gris


Vista Hills Vineyard and Winery produces fine varietals right in the heart of the Willamette Valley. The 2014 Treehouse Pinot Gris was just delicious from start to finish. Enjoy this with your favorite seafood dish on the patio. Cheers!

Wine Tasting Adventure: Montinore Estate


Montinore Estate is a producer of fine Oregon wines in Forest Grove. They have an amazing array of varietals, and grow all of their grapes in biodynamic and organic vineyards. They also have some excellent options at our frugal price point. Cheers!

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