Review: ‘The Father’ heads into its final weekend at the University Theatre


In the play, “The Father,” viewers see the world through the eyes of André, a man struggling to come to terms with Alzheimer’s disease. The set morphs slowly and subtly. Furniture disappears, walls shift and the color of André’s pajamas fades. Soon viewers start to wonder: “Are we in André’s ...
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Sondheims Assassins opens at Cottage Theatre October 3


Imagine a conversation between John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald. Composer Stephen Sondheim and writer John Weidman did just that in their musical Assassins, which opens October 3 for a three-weekend run at Cottage Theatre. The production is the fifth show in the theatre's 2014 season.

Sprout Film Festival Gives Hope


Sitting across the table from a beautiful actress I must remind myself that for many, Monica Venice is considered a person with a disability. Dressed in a pink sequined hat and a beautiful black and floral print sleeveless dress, this 48 year old is ready to talk about what she loves best about performing, the applause.

Video: Cirque du Soleil construction timelapse


The transformation from a bare basketball court to a fully equipped Cirque Du Soleil stage is a 12 hour process. The stagehands start setting up at 7:45 am and won’t finish until 8 pm that evening. This was taken on October 24th, 2012 in anticipation for the October 25th opening night of Quidam – Virque [...]

Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Quidam’ is coming to Matthew Knight Arena


Cirque du Soleil returns to Matthew Knight Arena on Oct. 25 with “Quidam”, one of its longest-running shows. “Quidam” tells the story of a young girl named Zoe who, bored at home and ignored by her parents, enters into an imagin...

Spreading Their Wings


The Red Raven Follies produce shows using a shifting cast drawn from their family of orbiting collaborators. They recruit the acts, arrange the set list, line up sound and lighting needs, handle promotion, and pay out any money the group receives from the door. It’s a long way from the humble beginnings of candlelit backyard shows in the Whitaker. The troupe made headlines last fall when it won the Eugene Weekly’s poll for Best Performing Arts Group.

Bill Cosby discusses the entertainment industry then and now


Like an aged prizefighter, Bill Cosby walked onto the center stage, shoulders back, chin down. Turning toward the audience, he displayed his shirt to the audience with a grin. Black with yellow lettering reading, "Oregon, Rose Bowl 2012." And the crowd went wild.

Local Theater Watch


It's a light week in the local theater scene. The high schools are getting ready for winter break so no new productions to report there. But there are still a couple professional theaters with plays still running as well as a few new holiday-themed events opening this week.

Local Theater Watch


It's getting really cold outside. Instead of visiting an air-conditioned movie theater, you should check out the local playhouses. I'm sure it's warmer, and you get to see the actors live. There aren't any new plays debuting this week but I'll remind you about some that are still in production, including a few that will be ending this week.

Local Theater Watch


We're getting closer and closer to Christmas, and as a result, a number of new plays are debuting before the end of the year. At the professional playhouses, two new plays debut while two more are still running. At the high school level, two plays from the work of legendary playwrights begin.

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