Tony Romo

Chip Kelly Update: Killing the Zombie


All of the NFC East rivalries are bitter, but Philadelphia vs Dallas is probably the worst. These games bring out the best or worst in the Eagles. No game last year was as fun for Eagles fans as the 33-10...

Chip Kelly Update: Bye, Dallas


The Philadelphia Eagles climbed in the NFC East standings this week, gaining half a game on the New York Giants and moving further ahead of the Dallas Cowboys. (Both teams lost.) That’s a bit surprising since the Eagles didn’t play,...

Chip Kelly Update: Sanchez is Redeemed as Eagles Crush Dallas


Two years ago on Thanksgiving Day, in front of 20 million TV viewers nationwide, Mark Sanchez had a game, in fact a single play so humiliating that it has its own Wikipedia article: The Butt Fumble. This Thanksgiving, he carved... Continue reading →

Chip Kelly Update: Quarterback Resistant


The Philadelphia Eagles won again, beating Houston 31-21, and have the second best record in the NFL at 6-2.  They also lost three more key starters to injury and continue to play poorly in... Continue reading →

Hoping For A Little More ‘Resolve’ In 2012…


You hear the word 'resolve' a lot in the world of sports. It's mostly said by coaches hoping that their team will rebound after a tough game. I suppose you could argue that some other words could be used instead, but maybe it is a good time for me to suggest some quick resolutions for some folks in the realm I cover.

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