Alton Baker Canal Stocked with Trout


EUGENE, Ore. — Lunkers have landed at Alton Baker Park, much to the appreciation of some eager anglers. On Thursday, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife crews backed up a truck full of large trout and unloaded them into the water. The smallest fish put in the water was 12 inches long. “All these rainbow … Continue reading »

In-Town Hook-Ups: Fishing Alton Baker Canoe Canal


This spring, you don’t have to hike miles into the wilderness or paddle your way into a high-alpine honey hole to make good trout fishing happen. You don’t even have to wait for spring to officially start. Catching nice-sized rainbow trout, in town, is as easy as taking a walk in the park—Alton Baker Park, to be exact.

June 28 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: wet, City Council to pledge, Defazio on VA clinic, Teasing, skate park crime, school choice, Nevaeh Hecht still missing, college finance controls, Springfield school budget, Timber harvest lawsuit, fish euthanized, historic grand slam...

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